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So much for a truce: Apple wants another $180 million from Samsung

After collecting US$548 million, Apple says the infringement debt isn't fully paid

Early this month, it seemed like we had heard the last of the epic courtroom battles between Apple and Samsung, as Samsung finally agreed to pay the US$548 million (about £367 million) judgment levied against it for infringing on the patents of the iPhone and iPad.

Not so fast, it seems. While Samsung apparently paid its massive debt as stated, Apple filed a motion on Wednesday asking for even more money for infringement of its products. The added total this time? Nearly US$180 million more, which would bring the grand total to well more than US$700 million.

Based on the proposed order, Apple believes it is due additional damages due to continued sales of certain handsets after the original numbers were tabulated. The grand total of additional damages is US$178,659,870 (about £119.6 million), and is primarily due to sales of the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II T-Mobile, and Galaxy S II Skyrocket, with lesser damages attributed to the Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail.

And on top of that, Apple wants interest on those funds to the tune of US$1,192,490 (almost £800,000) through 24 March 2016, although it the amount is not paid by then, Apple says it is owned a further US$2,363 for each day that follows.

In summation? Despite Samsung’s wishes to bring a tidy close to this long-running litigation, Apple is going to claw and scratch for every last penny it believes is owed for Samsung’s success being built on the back of its design patents. Here’s hoping Samsung decides to pay this part swiftly, too, so we don’t have to keep hearing about this back-and-forth bickering for months and years to come.

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