This smart security cam can spot the difference between Mr. Tibbles and a burglar

It works with pets called other names too, obviously

Home security cameras are the latest genre of products that are being slapped with the 'smart' label left right and centre, with the likes of Nest, Myfox and more bringing your home's safety into the internet of things era.

Butterfleye is the latest clever camera that wants to keep you, your family and your possessions safe, and it's just made its debut on indiegogo. So what does it offer that's different from the competition?


No, not recognition of your dank ukelele skills, (though we're sure they're excellent), but actual recognition of on-camera subjects.

The Butterfleye camera is clever enough to recognise and remember people, and it can even differentiate between animals and humans.

It only records something when it either hears it or detects motion, and it won't freak out when waving tree branches, curious cats and stray balloons enter its field of vision, as it knows that none of those things are threats.

Because of this, it only captures moments that you'll deem more important, saving you from having to trawl through unnecessary footage of your cat vigorously tending to its nether regions.

You can of course set Butterflye up to actually monitor your pets if you wish, and you can even tell your dog to get off the couch remotely, thanks to a two-way microphone and speaker system.

When it's not recording, the camera itself snoozes in a low-power state, meaning it can last for a good few weeks in between charges. It's cordless too, letting you move it around without any hassle.

It can store 12 hours of full HD footage, and you can view it all back on an accompanying iOS or Android app, which also sends you alerts throughout the day.

It continues recording even when the internet is down, so if the worst comes to worst and you're being burgled during a power cut, you'll still have all the footage you need.

The Butterflye is currently available on indiegogo, where you can back it from US$200 at the time of writing.