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This outdoor pan and tilt security camera can recognise number plates in 3K

Ezviz just upgraded the C8C pan and tilt outdoor security cam. It records in 3K, uses AI to recognise objects, and can read number plates.

Ezviz C8C Securiy Camera

There are plenty of security cameras to pick from, each with a different range of features. If you’re looking to take your security outdoors, resolution and recognition are two big hitters. Not only do you want the camera to know what it’s looking at, but be of good enough quality that you can see the details. And that’s exactly what Ezviz’s upgraded C8C outdoor pan and tilt security offers. It records in 3K resolution, uses AI to know what it’s looking at, and can even recognise car number plates. All that for £85 at RRP.

While we didn’t review Ezviz’s original C8C security camera ourselves, the online consensus seems to be that it struggled with close-up details. Now, the C8C offers 3K resolution, which is quite the upgrade from the old 2MP model. This means clearer, sharper images that’ll help you spot the smallest details. Whether it’s that stray cat that’s knocking over your bins or the postie sneaking around your garden. In fact, Ezviz reckons the camera can identify a car’s number plate – it can catch those zoomed in details.

Now, this camera doesn’t just sit there looking pretty. It offers 360° panoramic coverage and AI-powered detection. The AI smarts can distinguish between humans and vehicles, so no more false alarms. When it spots someone, it auto-zooms to keep track of their every move. It has night vision, but not just any night vision. This is full-colour night vision up to 20 metres and black-and-white up to 30 metres. This means you’ll get clear, vivid images even in the dead of night. And if an intruder dares to come close, the C8C 5MP will set off a siren and flash its spotlights to send them scurrying.

Control is a breeze with the Ezviz app. You can see, hear, and talk to anyone who wanders into view thanks to the two-way talk feature. Plus, you can manoeuvre this pan and tilt security camera to cover every nook and cranny of your property and set up to 12 customisable detection zones. This camera is built to withstand the elements, with a durable, weather-proof design. Whether it’s rain, snow, or the blistering sun, the C8C won’t bat an eyelid.

Dual antennas ensure a solid Wi-Fi connection, offering up to 220m coverage. Prefer to go wired? It’s got that option too. Storing footage is flexible – go for a local SD card up to 512GB to avoid subscription fees, or opt for Ezviz’s cloud option. And because we all love a bit of voice control, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can tell your smart assistant to show you the feed or turn off motion detection when you get home.

Fancy sticking this outdoor pan and tilt security camera on your gaff? The new Ezviz C8C is available on Amazon for £85. But it’s currently discounted to £70 for the launch. Considering the tech and features packed into this camera, it’s a steal.

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