Nest Cam is now on sale in the UK

As well as the updated version of the Protect smoke and CO alarm

Remember the Nest Cam, announced a few weeks back? Nest’s Dropcam-derived webcam-slash-security camera? Well, you can buy it right now in the UK.

The Nest Cam is now available to order from Nest’s UK site priced at £159. Yes, we know: that seems pricy for a webcam, but this right here is pretty much the Moët & Chandon of webcams, recording 1080p footage and uploading it directly to the cloud. And because it’s triggered by noise and motion, it acts like a security camera too. It even has a speaker, allowing you to issue commands to your family as you watch them from a hotel room on the other side of the world.

Still wavering? Well, we’ll be getting our hands on one to review soon, so you’ll know if it’s worthy of your hard-earned cash shortly.

Also going on sale today is Nest’s revamped Protect. Protect is a stylish and smart smoke and CO alarm that was originally released in 2013, but the new version makes a number of improvements: its split-spectrum sensor is apparently better at distinguishing smoke from a fire from steam or toaster smoke, its Pathlight motion-sensitive nightlight is a little brighter, and you can now silence its ear-piercing shriek using your smartphone’s Nest app. It’s priced at £89 and available in both battery-powered and wired versions.

[Source: Nest via Engadget]