Slur hello to the TokyoFlash Kisai Intoxicated breathalyzer watch

Check just how inebriated you are with Tokyoflash's latest mind-boggling timepiece
Slur hello to the TokyoFlash Kisai Intoxicated breathalyzer watch

Every time you see Don Draper cheerfully hop into his car after downing a whiskey or several in Mad Men, it's a reminder of just how far we've come – drink driving is totally beyond the pale nowadays.

Now Tokyoflash has come to the aid of the inebriated with its latest bonkers timepiece – a breathalyzer watch that lets you check just how much you've imbibed.

Smelly smart watch

The Kisai Intoxicated watch has a built-in breathalyzer that’ll instantly let you know how sober you are. Blow in the sensor and the watch will change colour to alert you: green for sober, yellow and you shouldn’t drive, red and it's a miracle you're upright, frankly.

Time and date are clearly displayed on the LCD screen while the sobriety meter is shown in an LED Light Guide area. If you need more accurate reassurances there’s even a reaction testing mini game – of course, it's better to be safe than sorry and just stay away from the booze altogether if you're planning on getting behind the wheel.

Sure, it's an odd feature to pack into a watch – but it's another example of a wearable tech trend that's now spitting out useful novelties on a near-daily basis. Pick a Kisai Intoxicated up for a discounted US$100 (£65) in the first 48 hours of sale.

[Source: TokyoFlash]