Sky Sports for iPad app update includes F1 split-screen streaming

Follow the high speed action from simultaneous angles with Sky's latest app update

Sky has taught its Sky Sports for iPad app a few new tricks, the most impressive of which is support for split-screen F1 coverage.

The new F1 split-screen mode lets speed enthusiasts watch more of the action by serving up two live camera feeds on the same screen. Users can choose from a number of feeds including a drivers camera, resulting in an even more immersive F1 experience.

The app which, which has had over half a million downloads to date,  will also feature TV Guide integration which shows the next three programmes on a particular channel as well as the ability to set reminders and remotely record content.

Custom team pages for cricket and a favourites section round off the new features, so head on over to the App Store now for your fix of free sporting goodness (or £5 a month for non-Sky subscribers).

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