Samsung Zipel smart oven brings app-based cooking to Android

Sammy's smart oven turns cooking a roast into a futuristic wonderland with infrared and wireless app control

Ever wished you could roast a chicken from the comfort of your sofa? Well now you can. Samsung has announced the Zipel, an oven which you can control with an Android phone.

Culinary geeks can use an app to talk to the Samsung Zipel over WiFi. Pick the dish you want on the Android app and the Zipel will adjust cooking times and temperature to suit.

The Samsung Zipel uses a combination of infrared and ceramic plates to cook food in the most techie way imaginable. It can even tell you the number of calories in a dish and is controlled using a sleek touch-screen interface.

However, food aficionados looking to get their hands on the Samsung Zipel will have to be patient. Samsung has only announced the oven in the tech heaven that is Korea. But with cooking this futuristic, we can only hope that the Zipel is zipping over here with all haste.

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