Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Purported press shot pops up – revel in the revealed roundness

Samsung's done its utmost to keep the Galaxy S III from leaking ahead of its launch on May 3rd, but this image – which dropped today on GSMarena – may be the first press shot of the forthcoming superphone.

Rumoured specs – which appeared in a leaked manual – show a phone with an 8MP camera, a 4.8in Super AMOLED screen and a 1.5GHz quad-core GPU.

The phone in the above image resembles the Galaxy S III depicted in the manual, with its curved edges and larger home button – though the button graphics are slightly different to those seen in an earlier leaked photo, calling its veracity into question.

With less than a week to go before the Galaxy S III is revealed, is this the phone you're hoping to see on the day? Let us know on Twitter – and check out our Samsung Galaxy S III rumour round-up for the latest info.

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