Real diamond coating for cars is the ideal finish for billionaires

Forget that two-tone paint job you've been eyeing up. Nothing says 'classy' like a set of wheels slathered in shiny gems

German Porsche-tuner Gemballa has pushed the boundaries of car fashion by offering up a new finish which uses actual diamonds to generate that sought-after show room sparkle, Born Rich reports.

Ground down small enough that they can be applied as part of a coat of paint, the diamonds are used to give cars a glittery finish – in much the same way metal pigments, crystals or glass fragments are used in other less bank-breaking alternatives.

It's unlikely that a gem-slathered car will have higher levels of protection, but would you really want to roll around in a car whose paint job is more expensive than the car itself? Probably not.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to the craft shop for some glitter...

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