Promoted: Make your house Eve-n better

Monitor your home’s vital signs and keep it – and yourself – healthy with Elgato’s Eve system

Living in the future is terrific, and a quick glance around Stuff’s House 1.0 confirms it. Instant HD TV streaming, wireless multi-room audio and a tiny robot that buzzes around the place doing the vacuuming. The future: we like it.

But there’s plenty of distance to go, not least when it comes to making sure the house itself is healthy. Air quality, temperature and humidity are all important factors that affect how you feel when you’re at home, and having the data to hand makes your house a more comfortable, happier, smarter place.

This is where Elgato Eve comes in: the first connected home gear to make use of Apple’s HomeKit framework. Its network of sensors work together to give you all the data you need to keep your home comfortable and safe, whether you’re at home or miles away. From whether doors and windows are open to what the weather’s like outside, Eve lets you measure the health of your home from anywhere.

Better yet, its compatibility with HomeKit means connecting your home to the internet is easy, and its deep integration with iOS devices makes for some amazing futuristic touches: “Hey Siri, what’s the temperature in my living room?”, is just one of a few incredible party-pieces you can pull off.

Each piece of Eve kit is available separately, and uses Bluetooth Smart technology to communicate with your iOS devices. That means Eve doesn’t use much power and so uses long-life batteries instead of being tethered to the mains. It also means there’s no need for an expensive hub connected to your internet router.

Here’s the Eve kit you’ll need to transform your home from somewhere suitable for cavemen only into a truly next-generation dwelling.

Eve Room

The Eve Room is all about capturing data from inside your house. Temperature’s useful to know, of course, and humidity can let you know about all sorts of problems ahead of time, but air quality is perhaps the Room’s most useful feature: it can track volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you routinely feel out of sorts in your lounge, this could tell you why. Eve Room tracks your house’s variables over time, allowing you to create stunning graphs from the data.

Eve Weather

Staying on top of the weather forecast is one thing: knowing exactly what the weather’s doing at your actual house is something completely different. The rainproof Eve Weather is designed to live outside, taking assiduous note of things such as the air temperature, air pressure and humidity. Like the Eve Room, it tracks all this, producing lovely graphs so you can see how your garden’s getting on.

Eve Door & Window

We aren’t trained architects, but even we can see that the windows and doors in our house are pretty important. Equally important is the question of whether they’re open or shut, something the Eve Door & Window tracks via a wireless sensor that sticks to the frame of a window or door. Powered by a long-life battery it keeps track of each opening and closing, allowing you to see what’s going on.

The HomeKit-compatible Eve kit is available now from £34.95 – go here for more details >>>