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PlayStation VR event set for March 15, expect a price and release date

Pre-GDC announcement could be enough to scare Oculus and HTC

PlayStation VR is coming this year – that much we know – but Sony’s been keeping us in the dark when it comes to details. That could be set to change in March.

Sony has started sending out invites for a press conference focused on the virtual reality headset, which could potentially see an official price and release date finally revealed.

The invite-only event on the 15th of March is part of the Games Developers Conference, so there’s a good chance it’ll be a seriously tech-heavy talk, but seeing as the two main competitors will be arriving within weeks, it’s more likely Sony is going to let customers know how much cash to set aside in order to bag one come launch day.

Confirming when that release date will be would be another easy win. Oculus Rift should arrive in late March, and HTC Vive lands in April, so Sony would have to move fast to get PlayStation VR into shops around the same time.

Oculus confirmed that the Rift would cost $599/£500 at CES in January when it started accepting pre-orders, and this week at MWC HTC revealed the Vive would cost an extra $200, but come with everything you’ll need in the box – including motion controllers.

PlayStation VR has been shown off at plenty of games shows and events over the past year or so, but we still don’t know what gamers will actually get in the box; hopefully Sony will reveal that PlayStation Move controllers will come bundled with the headset – otherwise you’ll have to buy your own separately.

We’re still keeping our fingers crossed that Sony will be able to undercut both HTC and Oculus, but considering you’ll be able to run it using a PS4 rather than a big bucks gaming PC, a high price may not matter as much in the grand scheme of things.

Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to bring you the news as it breaks.

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