Pioneer calls time on Kuro TVs

If you're after a Pioneer Kuro, but the price tag is more eyewatering than a Kate Winslet acceptance speech, then now's the time to buy. The Japanese

Kuro TVs have consistently been big hitters, currently topping our very own Top 10 plasma list. But at around £4,000 for a 50in monster, only bankers with excessive bonuses and Premier League footballers can really afford to dig deep.

Their CES line up was particularly limited too, with only new Blu–Ray players worth getting really hyped up about. New TVs were notable by their absence.

So what now? Well Pioneer say they will still punt out set top boxes, but will mostly be focusing on kicking out awesome car stereos and the like. Great if you're a motoring fanatic, not so great if your primary hobby is sitting on your backside and watching hi–def movies.

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