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Philips Fidelio ML2 headphones slot straight into your iPhone’s Lightning connector for high quality audio

Prepare your ears: the first wave of Lightning headphones is upon us

Remember when Apple confirmed that headphones would be able to plug directly into the Lightning connector for better audio? Well the first pair has landed, courtesy of Philips.

The Fidelio M2Ls take advantage of Apple’s proprietary connector by offering higher quality 24-bit Digital to Analogue Conversion.

DAC and amplification is taken care of within the headphones themselves, offering more auditory polish than an iDevice can muster on its own.

The M2Ls feature two 40mm nedymium drivers in a closed-back design, promising a wide range with plenty of bass to boot. The Fidelio headphone range’s sleek design returns too, with leather memory phone ear pads promising long and comfortable listening experiences.

If you fancy a pair of M2Ls then you can grab a pair for €250 from December – a nice little treat if you’re planning to pick up an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus by then.

Of course, it’ll work across the range of Lightning iDevices, including the iPhone 5c, 5s and iPad air and Retina iPad Mini models too.

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In good company

Philips also unveiled a slew of audio gadgets at IFA in Berlin, including its first ever pair of noise cancelling Fidelio headphones – the NC1s.

The NC1s use four microphones for active noise-cancelling, detecting distracting ambient noise then inverting the signal and cancelling it out for a more silent listening experience.

One pair of microphones is dedicated to dealing with low frequency noises, while the other pair takes care of mid and high frequencies. An impressive 30 hour battery life promises isolated music playback for super-extra-long-haul commutes, while a USB rechargeable battery negates the need for regular battery purchases.

If the batteries do run out then you can still use them as regular passive headphones too. The NC1s will be available to treat your ears to in October for €250. Stay tuned for our ears-on impressions.

Other notable launches were the €100 A1-PRO on-ear DJ headphones, developed with trance god Armin van Buuren, and a range of Spotify multi-room speakers – the SW700M and SW750M.

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