Pentax K-5 now in silver, but not for long

Fancy a Pentax SLR in a fetching new silver coat? Only if you're one of the lucky 50

You can now get the Pentax K-5 SLR in silver. Yay! But there are only 50 coming to the UK. Boo!

After that little emotional rollercoaster, let's see why you might want to get to the front of the queue…

The Pentax K-5 Limited Edition has been given a proper makeover, with a newly silvered buttons and dials, and the LCD has been reinforced.

Internally it still has the standard 16.3-megapixel sensor, but with the latest firmware update.

Should go nicely with the revered Pentax Limited lens series – 40mm f2.8, 21mm f3.2 and 70mm f2.4 – already available in silver. Better start saving.

The K-5 Limited Edition will be on sale from 10 March, for the princely sum of £1300, and there will only be 1500 sold worldwide.


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