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Panasonic’s 2022 TV lineup includes no less than five new OLED models

Loads of sizes, loads of modes and improved gaming

Panasonic has lifted the lid on its 2022 TV range, and it’s introducing a host of glowing new rectangles great and small, of both the OLED and LCD variety. 

The headline acts are the new UHD OLED models. Joining the already announced flagship LZ2000 is the LZ1500, which also carries Panasonic’s Master OLED Pro panel and the same picture processing tech (bar the more bedroom-friendly 42in and 48in models, which are standard OLED TVs). The LZ1500 doesn’t go quite as big as the LZ2000, topping out at 65in, with the slightly more premium option offering itself in a gigantic 77 inches to those with the space. Both models are also available in 55 inches, but only the former goes down to 48in and 42in variants. 

The built-in Dolby Atmos speaker array appears to be reserved for the LZ2000, though the 55in and 65in LZ1500 series models do feature a “Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro” sound system that supports Dolby Atmos and employs a built-in woofer to add some low-end power to your movie night. 

Underneath the LZ2000 and LZ1500 sit three more OLED models. The LZ1000 (55in, 65in) uses a Master OLED panel (dropping the “Pro”), while the LZ980 and LZ800 (both available in 65in, 55in, 48in and 42in models) are entry-level, non-Master OLEDs. The LZ1000 and LZ980 (as well as the sub-50in LZ1500 models) feature Cinema Surround Pro speaker systems, with the LZ800 getting what Panasonic calls Cinema Surround. 

Every TV in the OLED range supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode in the native Netflix app. Panasonic is also pitching all 2022 OLED models as the ideal picks for cinephiles, with higher peak brightness in its True Cinema, Cinema, Filmmaker and Professional modes. 

As for gaming, you’re getting HDMI 2.1 support across the board, as well as features such as High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) enabled at up to 4K 120Hz. All OLEDs are certified with FreeSync Premium to boot, and a new Game Control Board feature will gather all relevant game settings and information in one easily accessible overlay. Finally, at 4K 60Hz, latency and input lag have been reduced. 

The non-OLED lineup features the LX940 LED, which won’t be available in the UK, and the LX800 Core LED. Available in 75in, 65in, 55in, 50in and 43in models, it’s an Android TV that carries Pansonic’s HCX Processor and either an HDR Cinema Display (75in, 65in, 55in) or Bright Panel Plus (50in, 43in), both of which can automatically adjust brightness to suit viewing conditions. 

We await pricing and availability details. 

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