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Open the door to deals up to 50% off on Netatmo smart home gadgets this Black Friday

Sales are ringing your smart doorbell

Netatmo Black Friday deals 2022

With Black Friday just a few weeks away, the number of early deals available is creeping up. Ready to take over your home (in a friendly way, of course) is Netatmo, with some stellar deals you don’t want to close the door on. In fact, some of our favourite Black Friday deals this time around come courtesy of the smart home brand.

You’ll be able to bag up to 50% off some of Netatmo’s latest gadgets during the savings event. The brand has marked down thermostats, cameras, weather stations, and video doorbells! You’ll find most of the product range on sale, with additional discounts on packs with multiple devices.

Netatmo Weather Station – now 33% off

While the weather stations rarely seem to get the forecast right, at-home weather stations let you take matters in to your own hands. Netatmo’s has only gotten better over the years, and can be had with a solid saving during this Black Friday sale. It retails for £170, but is on sale right now for a rather sunny 33% off.

Crafted out of metal, Netatmo’s smart weather station will look stylish as it determines the forecast. It measures your environment in real time, with readings for the temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality. As you’d expect from any smart home gadget, you’ll be able to check all of this information right from your smartphone.

You’ll get full support for your favourite smart home assistant. And in something that’s always so common, Netatmo’s station has support for Apple’s HomeKit. In fact, it’s one of our favourite HomeKit-supported gadgets.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat – now 33% off

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly common, with so many consumers opting to add some brains to their heating. While Netatmo’s Smart Thermostat might not be able to save you from rising energy bills, it is cranking the heat up on a deal this Black Friday. During the sales event, you can score a hot 33% off the regular retail price of £160.

Netatmo’s offering connects straight on to your boiler for direct control. It boasts features such as heating schedules, auto-adapting, and consumption tracking. Plus, it’s super easy to install, with the brand reckoning you’ll be done and with your feet up in under an hour.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera – now 40% off

Fancy keeping an eye on things while you’re not home? Smart indoor cameras have replaced the need for expensive CCTV gear, offering a cheaper and more convenient solution. And during Black Friday, you can score Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera for even less. You’ll find the gadget at a picture-perfect 40% off the retail price of £180 during the savings event.

With brainy features, such as night vision, movement detection, facial recognition, and 24/7 monitoring, Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Camera will help you keep an eye on things at all times. As you’d expect from a smart camera, it connects to Wi-Fi, so you can keep an eye on things from anywhere using your smartphone. And best of all? There are no monthly subscription fees to use the device.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor – now 50% off

Whether it’s hay fever or your general health, air quality can stir up quite the problem for many – especially when it comes to the air in your home. The solution? Keep an eye on the air quality indoors with an air quality monitor. And luckily, you can score Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor for a super pure 50% off the £110 RRP.

After setting up the gadget, you’ll get in-depth measurements of the indoor air quality in real-time. Netatmo doesn’t stop there, however, as the Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor can also record the humidity, temperature, and noise level. And, as you’d expect from smart home tech, you can keep an eye on all this from your smartphone. What’s more, you’ll even receive alerts and tailored advice based on your measurements.

All the other Netatmo deals this Black Friday

While the deals we’ve showcased above are this Black Friday’s stand-outs, the brand also has some other deals that aren’t quite as wallet-friendly. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for those products, it’s worth taking advantage of the discount.

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