Only 10 per cent of Android devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich

A handful of devices are running the latest and greatest Google OS. Is yours one of the ten per cent?

The only pie charts we're normally interested in are the ones that show us what we're having for lunch, but the latest one from Google's stats lab showing the spread of different versions of Android is rather interesting.

According to the latest figures, only 10 per cent of Android devices are currently running android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – the latest available version of Google's Android OS.

Given that Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for more than seven months now, that 10 per cent figure is a little on the low side, with 64 per cent of users still rocking Gingerbread.

Unlike iOS which is locked into Apple's small range of devices, Android is available of hundreds of different devices from small plastic budget phones like the Gingerbread-toting Orange San Diego, to polycarbonate-clad quad-core powerhouses like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Older and cheaper devices will of course be unable to run the latest and greatest Android OS, but the problem is also related to phone manufacturers who often hold back Android updates for devices until they've optimised their proprietary UIs, skins and software for their handsets.

Here's to hoping that updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (set to launch next month) will arrive swiftly for those gadgeteers aiming to squeeze every last drop of potential from their Google devices.

[Gizmodo via Android]

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