OnLive adds touchscreen controls for LA Noire on tablets

Swipe your way around the streets of 1940s Los Angeles with Cole Phelps, thanks to Rockstar and OnLive

Want to play LA Noire on your tablet with OnLive, but don't have the Universal Wireless Controller to hand? Fret no more – Rockstar has tweaked the detective game to add touchscreen controls for gaming on the move.

LA Noire's new touchscreen controls are very similar to those for the recent mobile released of Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition – a virtual joystick for walking about, and virtual buttons to control the in-car accelerator, brake and handbrake. You can swipe to manipulate the camera position, plus there are new virtual buttons for LA Noire's unique features, like Cole Phelps' journal and your in-car siren.

All pretty standard stuff for touchscreen controls – but handy for cloud gaming on the move, if you don't fancy packing a Universal Wireless Controller. The touchscreen controls should be live on your OnLive version of LA Noire now, if you want to try them out.

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