October issue of Stuff is out now

Giving you more reasons to stay indoors

It’s hard to comprehend right now, but you’re about to be given even more reasons to stay indoors because if there’s one industry guaranteed to recover in the run-up to Christmas it’s entertainment, so October's issue of Stuff is dedicated to upgrading your home cinema.  

Why? Well, coming at you in the next few months are not one but two next-gen games consoles, while shows that had their production halted due to the pandemic are soon to be back on the menu. New sporting seasons have kicked off without packed stadiums, meaning more armchair fans and bigger premium channel subscriber numbers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nature is healing.

So what are you going to watch it all on? Pick up a copy of this month's mag to hear all about honing your home cinema with the best TVs, tech and sound for bringing Hollywood to your pad and hearing Jose Mourinho’s touchline rants in even greater detail.

Of course, if you’d rather mask up and decamp to the cinema, we take a look at the latest picture house tech vying for audiences across Europe, plus the backdated blockbusters aiming to put bums on disinfected seats. 

Stuff October: Big screen special

From the sublime to the admitedly sometimes ridiculous, October's big screen special takes in TVs, soundbars, projectors and more for every budget to help to get the best from your favourite streaming service or gaming platform. 

Speaking of which, the hottest of Hot Stuff sections previews the latest shows and games for your immersive pleasure, along with all the latest gadgets to have us loosening our collars, including what's new from Samsung, the birth of transparent television from an unlikely source, Pininfarina's supercar sound system, and an awesome competition to win a grand's worth of home working audio kit from Creative Labs.      

Stuff October: The king of cans

They've been a long time coming, but Sony's new noise cancellers have finally arrived with Hot Stuff editor, Matt Tate, so very excited he persuaded us they should head up a bumper reviews section comprising no fewer than 180 star-rated gadgets. 

Also included we check out some of 2020's most exciting electric vehicles – the Polestar 2, Honda e, plus electric motorbikes from Zero and Harley-Davidson (yes, really) – plus Google's latest Pixel phone. 

In games we gaze lovingly at the incredible vistas provided by the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator, rave about the rise of Fall Guys, and welcome the latest Paper Mario tale into the Nintendo fold. 

Stuff October: How to get your copy

We're all about extra currency at Stuff too, so back to schoolers can revel in a review of our favourite pencil cases, anyone with a OnePlus Nord or thinking of upgrading will discover how to get the most from the handset, and we reveal what it's like to spend the first fortnight with the Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra. 

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