O2 4G will bring the fight to EE later this month

The UK's second 4G network will arrive in three cities on 29 August
O2 4G will bring the fight to EE later this month

O2 has announced that it will be launching the UK's second 4G network on 29 August, competing with EE's existing 4G network.

London, Leeds and Bradford will initially be blanketed in O2's 4G network, though the company says it's planning to extend the service to another 10 cities before the end of the year, so keep those fingers crossed.

EE already has quite the head start, having already installed specialised 'double speed' equipment across some of the 95 cities currently served by its 4G network. 

Not only that, but O2's network will be on the slower 800MHz spectrum and won't work with the iPhone 5 (for the time being at least).

O2 4G's basic package will set you back £26 a month. What that gets you in terms of data allowances and calls, however, has yet to be revealed. 

EE's basic 4G deal will set you back £15 a month for pure data or £21 for both voice and data. Both networks enforce data caps and neither will have a truly unlimited data option, unlike Three which plans to continue its all-you-can-eat data bundles when it eventually launches its 4G service.

[via BBC]