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Netflix’s new double thumbs-up feature improves recommendations

It gets a thumbs-up from us, too

Netflix has most of us hooked to our screens, catching up on some of the best shows around. And fans get really passionate about their favourite shows. Until now, you’ve only been able to rate a show with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, but what if you really liked a title?

You’re in luck! Netflix is rolling out a new “Love this!” rating option to the web platform, mobile apps, and your streaming devices. The new button allows you to rate a show with a double thumbs-up. The idea is that you’ll use this new rating for the shows and movies you’re truly a fan of. Big fan of Bridgerton? Now you can let Netflix know, too.

Speaking about the new feature, Netflix explained that “we’ve learned over time that these feelings can go beyond a simple like or dislike”. The company knows there are die-hard fans out there, and the latest feature is perfect for them.

Why exactly am I giving Netflix two thumbs-up?

The new feature begs the question, why would someone want to double thumbs-up what they’ve been watching? What does telling Netflix that you “Love this!” do? It actually helps to improve your personalised recommendations.

By telling Netflix you love a show, it can use this information to suggest better content for you in the future. For example, if you were a Bridgerton fan, after loving a show, Netflix could use the information to suggest more content from Shondaland or with cast members.

The new “Love this!” button on Netflix (and yes, we love Friends).

The double thumbs-up will work alongside the existing thumbs-up and down, but will carry a bit more gravitas. Of course, Netflix uses other information to determine its recommendations, such as how long you watch a show for, and whether you go to next episodes.

Unfortunately, the streamer confirmed a double thumbs-up won’t help save a cancelled show (sorry Ozark fans!). But by using the “Love this!” button, you’ll help Netflix show you new content to watch. With great power, comes great responsibility; wield your thumbs carefully.