Netatmo's Philippe Starck-designed thermostat is simply beautiful

It's not often you'll see us getting hot under the collar over a thermostat, but this one's a bit special

Thermostats don't just control heating. They're getting pretty damn hot themselves. (Really, they are.)

Netatmo has joined forces with designer Philippe Starck to create a thermostat that you'll actually want to show off to friends.

Its minimal white design can be jazzed up with interchangeable coloured plastic frames to match your decor, and its simplicity also wins us over.

Clever little box

Its easy-to-read e-ink display shows you the current and target temperature, which can be changed with a simple click on the top and bottom of the front frame. No buttons, no mess.

There's also a companion iOS and Android app to let you make temperature adjustments wirelessly, as well as schedule times and check the energy usage.

The app can also learn when you're away or what temperatures you prefer at certain times of the day.

It'll set you back US$240 and we're trying to confirm UK pricing and availability.

Update: The Netatmo thermostat will be out in the UK "early next year", so stay tuned.