My Gadget Life – Ortis Deley

The Gadget Show Live begins today. We caught up with presenter Ortis Deley to find out what gadgets get him going

You’d be surprised what I’m looking forward to

I would have said the iPad 2, but now I want to get my hands on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. More companies should come out with potential iPhone killers. HTC has done it twice.

It’s tough to pick a favourite gadget

My favourite tech of all time is the mobile phone. It can surf the net, view media… er, remind you it’s your girlfriend’s birthday. Phones can only get better, slimmer, faster, and smaller. I loved driving a Formula 1 car, but the mobile, as a form of technology, has to be the best.

I was in Kidulthood

If you want to spot me, don’t blink. Personally, if I ended up in jail and could only have one gadget, it would be my Sony Walkman X Series MP3 player. If music were missing, I’d go nuts.

Hoverboard or jetpack

As a kid I would have loved a jetpack but Jason [Bradbury, fellow Gadget Show presenter] has been doing so much over the years with hoverboards, I’m gonna have to side with my boy and go with hoverboard.

My favourite game is Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition

I’m not a massive gamer but I spent a lot of time and 10p pieces on that as a kid. I played the 3D version and was very impressed – I did get my ass handed to me by Jonathan Ross when I first played it.

Windows Phone 7 is great

Microsoft has given itself a great platform to work from – simple, clear and it all works with great screen sensitivity. I like the Xbox integration too. I got irked by Apple saying they had the best of everything. Competition encourages progress.

I have a dream… robot

It would look, move and speak like Sofia Vergara – the wife from Modern Family. She is just amazing.

Orits Deley will be appearing at the Smart Urban Stage and Future Minds Exhibition on London’s Southbank from 3rd to 16th May discussing and presenting sustainable technology for the modern city and its urbanite inhabitants. More on Facebook.


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