MWC 2015: 9 things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6

So what's so special about Samsung's new superphone? Funny you should ask...

Samsung’s Android royalty phone for 2015 have been announced at MWC 2015 - and we're pretty excited about it.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is certain to be one of the most talked-about mobile devices of the year, and with good reason: it's far more than your standard imagination-free update to the previous year's model.

How? Why? When? Here are the nine essential things you need to know about the new Samsung Android trooper and its Galaxy S6 Edge sibling.

1. It's a properly premium device

For years people have moaned about how Samsung phones don’t feel like they should cost £500 even when they do. The Samsung Galaxy S6 tries to squish these complaints with a glass-and-metal design.

Those fake leather plastic battery covers? They’re gone, replaced with glass, while the sides of the Galaxy S6 are metal now just like the Galaxy Note 4. As such the phone feels a whole bunch harder and more expensive. All of a sudden Samsung’s £500 phones as going to feel fancy enough to justify the high price tag.

2. It has a super-curvy brother

There’s not just one member of the Galaxy S6 family. There are two. As well as the standard Galaxy S6, there’s a more dynamic member, called the Galaxy S6 Edge.

This second model has a lot of the same specs and the same brain, but unlike the standard version it has a screen that curves around on two of its sides, letting you see what’s going on in the phone even when it’s lying on a surface away from you.

This is a second go at a design Samsung introduced in 2014 with the Galaxy Note Edge, which had a curve on just one of its sides. 

3. It has a super-sharp screen

Alright so all flagship phones tend to have high-res screens now. But even so, the S6 and S6 Edge stand out.

They get pixel-happy 2K screens on 5.1in displays. Want the numbers? You got it: 2560x1440, 572ppi. To put that in context, the iPhone 6 has 326ppi. As with all Samsung phones, it's Super AMOLED too - so prepare for colour-tastic images.

4. There’s a VR headset for it

Last year we met the Samsung Gear VR, a headset designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Well now the Galaxy S6 has one too.

If you’re not familiar with this neat bit of tech gadgetry, it’s a headset into which your phone slots. A bit like an Oculus Rift - and indeed made by Oculus - but a bunch cheaper. It provides the headset and the magnifying lenses, you provide the screen with your phone.

While the original Note 4 version was far from perfect, we have high hopes for this one: the S6's 2K display is on a much smaller screen than that of the Note 4, meaning that it should be a lot sharper in use. It also make the Gear VR headset itself a bit smaller. And it'll work with both the S6 and S6 Edge.