Microsoft takes on Spotify with launch of Xbox Music app on iOS, Android and the web

Spotify has yet another contender for the music streaming crown as Microsoft's Xbox music service launches on more platforms
Microsoft launches Xbox music app on iOS, Android and the web

Microsoft's Xbox Music web streaming service kicks off today, with its iOS and Android counterpart apps going live too.

Up until today, free web streaming has only been available to Windows 8 users but Microsoft is hoping to cast its net further to lure people away from the allure of existing streaming services like Spotify and Rdio.

After the first six months, users will have to upgrade to the US$10 per month Xbox Music Pass if they want to carry on listening, and although no specific details were given about the Xbox One's service, it's likely that the first 30 days will be free, as was the case with the Xbox 360.

The iOS and Android apps won't support offline playing at launch, but an update is coming in the next few months.

Another update included in Windows 8.1 includes the ability to create playlists based on whatever website you're viewing. Suggestions for a Stuff playlist are welcome.

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