Microsoft bringing TV recording to Xbox One “soon”

But old favourite Windows Media Center won’t be a part of Windows 10

Back when Microsoft launched the Xbox One, it made much of the console’s TV-centric capabilities. And while it’s true that, in certain parts of the world, the console has the ability to display and pause live TV, that’s about as far as things go.

However, rumour has it that’s about to change, and that the Xbox One will soon be able to work as a fully functioning DVR, recording programmes while you’re away or watching something on another channel.

The rumour comes in the wake of confirmation that DVR functionality won’t be built into Windows 10 PCs, or at least not in the venerable form of Windows Media Center, an app which has been knocking around Microsoft’s desktop OS since the Windows XP days.


WMC allowed users to stream TV shows via the internet years before Netflix decided to pivot away from physical DVD rentals, as well as supporting multiple TV tuners – which enabled the recording of one channel while another was being watched. But according to Microsoft, most users only turned to it for DVD playback – and that’ll be handled by another app in Windows 10. Windows Media Center is being put out to pasture because it’s just not used enough.

[Source: Thurrott]