LG BL20 Chocolate revealed – the LG Chocolate 2's keyboard packing sibling

We spotted the LG BL20 Chocolate way back in July and whispers of it have been almost as constant as tales of its bigger, touchy brother the LG Chocol

Unlike the super-stretched LG Chocolate 2 (aka the LG BL40), the LG BL20 Chocolate is a sleek looking keyboard packing phone.

The specs that have emerged on the LG website are pretty tasty with HSDPA, a 5MP camera and a 2.4in QVGA screen. There's also Bluetooth, an FM radio and a microSD card slot.  

The LG BL20 Chocolate isn't totally lacking in touch smarts though, there's a touch responsive soft key just below the screen.

LG hasn't spoken up with a release date or price for the LG BL20 Chocolate yet but given that it's on its website, we'd say that info is on the way.

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