Latest Apple iOS 5 rumours

Fancy some iOS 5 rumours before all is officially unveiled? Salt shakers at the ready

Although the wires are abuzz with iCloud rumours, it’s been confirmed that Apple's iOS 5 is also on the agenda for the WWDC next Monday. Here are some speculatively juicy morsels to keep you going till next week.


That’s right, little green droids, run for the hills – your ace is an ace no longer. Expect the next iDevices to support live widgets, shoving weather, news and drunken Facebook statuses into your gadget-gorged face.


The achilles heel of iOS has always been the basic notification system which has left much to be desired in terms of functionality and unobtrusiveness. Android and webOS have destroyed Apple in this arena, but hopefully we can expect a notification bar with scrolling messages as opposed to the rudely interrupting box that’s currently present.

Nuance voice recognition

Voice recognition powered by Nuance technology should ensure that developers can harness our voices for all sorts of innovative navigation and entertainment purposes. Expect motivational shouts and orders for catapulted avian armies to fill up train carriages shortly.

Music streaming

If iCloud integration isn’t present in iOS 5, we’ll eat our Macbooks. We can’t wait to stream our entire collection of tracks without using up a single gig of memory on our iPhone – until we go into a tunnel and lose signal, that is. Check out our wish list for more possible features.

Twitter built-in

Taking a leaf out of Windows Phone Mango’s book, iOS5 may have native Twitter integration with the ability to upload content directly to the gargantuan micro-blogging site. Expect an influx of accidental, inebriated tweets from your entire address book in the near future.


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