It's a miracle! Goji Play makes exercise fun

The wireless activity sensor and game controller combo turns cardio equipment into interactive game machines
Goji Play

The Goji Play will transform flabby gaming slobs into fit gaming studs.

Play hard

Consisting of a wireless activity sensor and two gaming controllers, the Goji Play is designed to fit onto the handles of most standard cardio machines to integrate your boring workout routine into a full-fledged gaming experience.

To commence upping the fun factor on exercise, access the free iOS app, clip the activity sensor to your body (the app recommends sliding it into your pocket or clipping it to your shoelaces) and select a game. Aside from providing the entertainment, the app also tracks the amount of calories burnt, number of steps taken, and the total workout time to see how far along you are to achieving your workout goal.

Game integration depends on the game you select. For example, the strength of your character’s punches is determined by how hard you work out in boxing game Fisticuffs, while Smash the Blocks has you running hard through 18 levels to smash through obstacles to score as many points as possible. With a good mix of 11 games currently available, the company has plans to release new titles regularly to keep the experience fresh.

One Goji Play set will serve an entire family just fine as there isn't a limit on the number of user profiles you can set up. You know you’ll be needing this gift that keeps on giving, after all those upcoming Christmas feasts. Available on Amazon for US$100 (S$126).

Source: Blue Goji via CoolThings