iPhone 7 will be made from the same fancy aluminium as the Apple Watch, says rumour mill

Apple's next iPhone will be slathered in sexier metal, according to the latest online whispers

The iPhone 7 could very well land with a body forged from 7000 series aluminium - the same material that'sS used in the Apple Watch Sport and bicycles.

If Taiwan's Economic Daily News is correct, this means that the next iPhone's metal body will be 60 percent stronger than the metal currently used in its phones, thanks to Apple's metal alloy mixing tweaks. 

Despite its increased toughness and resistance to scratches, this aluminium alloy is also only one-third the density of steel, making it lighter too.

It will also presumably be blasted with minuscule zirconia beads, which is the process that gives off the Apple Watch Sport's silky smooth uniform satin finish.

The iPhone 7 is reportedly going to land with everything from Force Touch sensors to dual cameras for DSLR-like photo capturing, but as always, we'll have to wait for the big launch day later this year for the full lowdown. Stay tuned.

[via GSMArena]