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HTC One (M8) price and availability: where’s it cheapest?

You can pick up the HTC One M8 from today. Yes, today! Here's where to look

The HTC One (M8) is here at last, silly brackets and all. 

You’ve read our review, and now, understandably, you want nothing more than to wrap your hands around one.

Here’s where you can get it from:

ThreeThree is offering the One M8 in-store or online now, for £50 on a choice of four different two year price plans. The cheapest is £38 per month which’ll nab you 2GB of data and 600 minutes. £44 a month will include unlimited minutes and data.

VodafoneOnly a select few London Vodafone stores will offer the HC One M8 from launch day. They are: White City Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre, Oxford Street Experience, Oxford Street and Kensington High Street. 

All other Vodafone stores will have the One M8 in stock on 27 March.

You can grab the M8 for free, from £42 per month on Vodafone’s Red £G plan which serves up unlimited calls, texts and data.

EEEE is offering the M8 from tomorrow, 26 March, for £30, on a £38 per month contract with 4GB of monthly data for the duration of the contract.

That’s twice the normal amount of data that would normally be given with this particular EE contract, but you’ve got to snap it up by 10 April.

EE will also chuck in a free European destination to one of 12 EU countries so that you can “use unlimited calls and texts abroad”, if you fancy escaping the icy British rain.

Carphone WarehouseThe One M8 will be on shelves today in select Carphone Warehouse stores in London from 4pm. The stores are: Oxford Street (Centre Point), 262 Oxford Street, Selfridges, Westfield – White City, Westfield – Stratford and Tottenham Court Road. You can also order it via phone if you you live outside the capital.

If you fancy the phone SIM free then you can pick it up for £550, or for free from £42 per month.

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