HP quad-core Omni 27 PC unveiled

It may look like a 27in touchscreen PC, but HP's new quad-core is for keyboard and mouse junkies only

The HP Omni 27 PC is one of those fancy all-in-one jobs that makes your lounge look like a minimalist designer’s wet dream. And HP is learning that just because it’s only a screen, doesn’t mean you necessarily need a touchscreen. 

The HP Omni runs Windows 7 at blistering speeds with its quad-core Intel processor and 2GB of RAM, all on a beautiful 27in 1080p display. It’s even got Beats Audio built into the body, which manages a suitable gangster lean of up to 25 degrees.

Sure, Sony’s Vaio L series uses touchscreen, but when we went hands-on it just didn’t seem necessary with a keyboard and mouse to hand. So HP could be onto a winner with the Omni 27 – and we’ll let you know once we've had a play with it at CES next week.

Expect a February 20 release with a price around £760.

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