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How to make a watermelon explode with your mind

That's right folks, the Force is real – and you can channel it to make exploded fruit smoothies. Yummy.

We’ve dreamt of harnessing the powers of the Force ever since a certain Mr Skywalker lifted his ship out of a murky swamp on Dagobah. Sadly our efforts have so far proven to be futile, with nothing more than strained eyes and thumping headaches to show for our attempts at telekinesis.

Thankfully a group of dedicated tinkerers from LVL1 in America have taken matters into their own hands by allowing you to blow up watermelons with nothing but your mind. Sort of.

By linking a Star Wars Force Trainer headset to a CO2 cannon embedded within unfortunate melons, aspiring Jedis are able to blow the doomed fruits into smithereens by concentrating hard enough. Actually that sounds more like Scanners than Star Wars, come to think of it.

Not quite mystical universal forces then, but it’s as close as you’re going to get without injecting yourself with synthetic Midi-chlorians. Which, by the way, we’re currently working on.

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