GTA IV "Lost and Damned" getting pre-Christmas unveiling

Now Rockstar's finally given us a firm date for the much–vaunted GTA IV downloadable content, dubbed "Lost and Damned", we're getting

Handy then that the developers behind this year's most controversial game are set to show off their latest effort at this weekend's Video Game Awards over in the US. According to CVG, we'll be seeing all new gameplay, as well as getting a look at new character Johnny Klebitz.

Word is the Xbox exclusive download will cost about £15 when it hits the console next February. There are also plans to sell copies in store as well, although Rockstar is remaining characteristically tight–lipped about what we can expect.

What do you think? Will you download the new GTA IV content? Or are you bored of the hottest game of 2008? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.