GoPro gets sneaky, edits new Karma footage to keep drone under wraps

No good looking for reflections in this new skiing and snowboarding footage

Anyone hoping to get an early look at GoPro's upcoming Karma drone is out of luck - GoPro has craftily edited the latest footage to keep it a secret until launch day.

GoPro let Bobby Brown (the freestyle skier, not the Two can play that game R&B singer) put the drone through its paces on the slopes in Aspen.

The footage is filled with sweeping aerial shots, as well as close-ups and point-of-view action, but take a closer look at Brown’s ski goggles and you’ll spot they’ve been blurred out.

That means we still don’t know what the Karma will look like, and no amount of CSI-style “zoom and enhance” trickery could make a difference.

The earliest footage confirmed it would be a quadcoptor, and use a stabilised gimbal for smooth video, just like DJI's Phantom 3, but otherwise there are no confirmed details.

According to GoPro, it “works in mysterious ways and not always as you think” - whatever that means. Rumours suggest it might shoot 360° video, but there aren’t any 360° shots in the footage released so far. 

GoPro described it as "ultra-portable" and hinted that it would be able to fold up for easier transport - which would certainly give it the edge over DJI's bulky Phantom and Inspire drones.

Karma was expected to make an appearance at CES, but that came and went without any sign. All we know is that it’s on the way this year. As soon as we get more details we'll be sure to bring them to you.