Gooseberry takes on Raspberry Pi with ICS

An upgraded version of Raspberry Pi running Ice Cream Sandwich is in our midst. But the Gooseberry threatens to be in short supply

Raspberry Pi – the £26, all-on-a-board computer which we gave a four star review – is about to be pureed by the superior Gooseberry, currently ripening towards production.

The Gooseberry will come with a more powerful (and overclockable) 1GHz A10 processor, 400MHz Mali graphics, 512MB RAM, a tasty 4GB of onboard storage, and most importantly Android 4.03 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

So with a price tag of just US$62 (£40) what’s the down-side? Well, the Gooseberry tree will only yield 500 of these specced up computers. Keep your eyes peeled.

[Via BGR]

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