Google wallet launches, PayPal sues

The NFC payment system announced by Google amid claims of ideas theft. But is it a good idea?

An NFC mobile payment system from Google was announced last night under the imaginative name of Wallet. The idea, according to PayPal's lawyers, was stolen. The same contactless payment idea already testing in America, rumoured to be under devlopement by Amazon, and being planned in banks worldwide. Good luck with that lawsuit PayPal.

Wallet will allow Android 2.3+ NFC-capable smartphones like the Nexus S to make contactless payments using a Mastercard and Google Prepaid card systems. But Google has taken it a step further by introducing Google Offers that delivers location-based deals that should leave Groupon worrying. But with no release date confirmed they might not have to start quivering just yet. Want the full Google keynotes? Watch below.


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