Get ready to want these awesome transparent PS4 controllers

Crystal DualShock 4s on the way to Europe

Back in the mid-90's, transparent games controllers were all the rage.

Head round to a mate's house for some FIFA '95 or Goldeneye and player 2 was almost always lumped with the transparent controller - normally a third party pad filled with turbo toggles and extra buttons (that were banned for 1v1, naturally).

Sony's latest nod to nostalgia isn't some cheap knock-off, though. It's bringing clear cases to the DualShock 4, and the result is flippin' gorgeous.

PS4 gamers already have a choice of black, white, red, blue, urban camouflage and (extremely limited edition) PS1-themed controllers, but the upcoming crystal version might just top the lot.

The frosted plastic lets you see the circuits, wires and DualShock motors in action while you're throwing fireballs in Street Fighter or landing headshots in Call of Duty.

It's not just crystal on the way, either. Sony's got a Steel Black version coming too, adding a touch of class to the basic black of the standard controller.

They'll join the gold and silver versions that had a limited run last year. All four colours should turn up in shops on the 11th of July.

That's great news for European PS4 owners looking to bling up their gaming, but not so great for US fans - Sony hasn't said whether it'll be bringing them to America.

[source: PS EU Blog]