Garmin goes for gold with seriously slick Vívomove analogue smartwatch

Your choice of stainless steel and leather combinations

This luxurious line-up might look like a trio of analogue watches, but there's some clever fitness tracking tech underneath.

Without the Garmin logo on each watchface, you would never have though these slick-looking timepieces came from the company better known for in-car Sat Nav. That's kind of the idea: the Vívomove is a watch first, and fitness tracker second.

Those bars that flank the analogue watch hands? One shows how many steps you've taken each day, and the other slowly fills up in red to let you know you've been sprawled out on the sofa for too long. Jump up and walk around for a few minutes and it'll reset.

Don't let the simple looks fool you, though: it can track whether you're getting enough sleep too. You'll have to read the results on Garmin's Connect smartphone app, though. 

It's got a big enough battery to keep ticking for up to a year, so you won't need to recharge it every other night like other fitness bands, and it can stay on your wrist when you go swimming too. It's rated 5ATM, so won't crack under pressure all the way down to 50m.

Let’s be honest, though - the Vívomove is all about style.

There are three models: the Vívomove Sport, with sweat-resistant silicone straps, the Vívomove Classic with leather straps, and the top-end Vívomove Premium. The fully steel body makes it our top pick.

You’ve got a choice of colours, too. Black and white for the Sport, and black, white, stainless steel, gold and rose gold for the Classic and Premium.

It’s going on sale later this month, so you won’t have long to wait to get one onto your wrist. Expect to shell out £140 for the Vívomove Sport, £180 for the Classic, or £240 for the Premium.