Gadget of the Day – Tangent Uno

It’s fair to say that planet gadget has reached saturation point when it comes to digital and internet radio. Which is why it’s refreshing

The new beast is wooden, comes in eight colours with retro 50s styling, perfect if you prefer your gadgets with a Cold War era look rather than some of the plasticky futuristic nonsense you get these days.

It’s not got DAB because, Tangent says, only 30 per cent of houses have got digital. That and everyone still loves listening to crackly local radio. Mind you, it does have an auxiliary input so you can fire up your iPod if you fancy keeping it 2008.

You can nab one now for £99.99. And once you’ve done that, make sure you jem up on the future with our DAB+ feature.


Tangent Uno

Price: £99.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Sennheiser for Tangent