Gadget of the Day – LaCie Data/Share

Getting pictures and data from SD and microSD cards can all be a bit of a hassle if you don't have a card reader on your computer, and it seems LaCie

Put the cables down and pick up the LaCie Data/Share, a nifty little device that converts your SD and microSD card info into the more accessible USB format.

The Data/Share is made up of two halves – one for SD and one for microSD – that slot together when not in use to protect them from any damage in your pocket. To use them, you simply pop in your memory card and then connect it up to another device via USB to get your hands on your data.

You can of course use the Data/Share for storage the same way you'd use your regular USB stick as well, and high-speed USB transfer rates of up to 480MB/s will make sure you're not hanging around all day to move your files over.

And just for the record, it looks the part as well – with the two halves coloured separately in red and white so you can organise your data into two different places if you want to. Handy.