Gadget of the Day – Fatman iTube Red-i

While the original Fatman iTube was a separate dock and amp affair, the Red-i combines the two and looks to be a similar offering to the iTube Carbon.

It comes with a pair of 'sonically matched' speakers with tasty red cones to justify its £399 price tag above the Carbon's £299.

It takes on the familiar Fatman valve amp format, and carries a pair of line inputs for attaching CD players and the like, as well as a 3.5mm input for MP3 players and music phones.

If you're into the valve amp look the Red-i is a fine choice, or if you want to choose your own cones, you could plump for the iTube Carbon and mix 'n' match.


Fatman iTube Red-i

Price: £399

On sale: September

Contact: Henley Designs