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G-Nius Guardium war cars leave the enemy scrambling for white flags

Before Google could get its self-driven cars off the ground the military are speeding ahead with new super-recon vehicles

One day all war will be fought by robots, then maybe it’ll be like a giant computer game we get bored of and peace will reign. Until then autonomous vehicles will fill the interim. The G-Nius Guardium has been developed to let machines take the risks to keep soldiers safe.

The clever cars can drive ahead tracking for mines to make sure the following vehicles are safe. They can even scout ahead into urban areas and, using directional microphones, spot enemies and automatically mark them for drone aircraft to take them out. And even if they lose GPS connection they can still drive autonomously to their route goal.

While the G-Nius Guardiams won’t be on your local forecourt, the technology is helping to push autonomous car developments, so projects like Google’s self-driving cars or Volvo’s SARTRE car trains can become a common place reality. Check out the video for the full skill set on offer from the Guardiams.

[Via Gizmodo]

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