FX500 – Panasonic premieres touchscreen compact

Panasonic's perpetually pleasing, wideboy compact digicams generally go down well here at Stuff Towers. There's just something about those 16:9 snaps

It's Panny's first camera with a prodable 3in LCD screen – and it's no slouch elsewhere either. The 10.1MP sensor should be ample for blowing your pics up to sizes bigger than one of Brian Blessed's dinner plates. Sure, the 5x optical zoom doesn't match the heights reached by last year's TZ3 but we can always stand a bit closer.

Taking cues from Sony's Cyber-shot T200, you can use the FX500's touchscreen to set focus and exposure just by poking the desired area. It also boasts Panny's clever Intelligent Auto mode, HD motion picture recording and a component output to let it buddy-up with your plasma to show the Joneses some tasteful slideshows with music.

It's coming in a silver or black coat at the end of April. Better get flexing that poking finger.


Panasonic DSC-FX500

Price: £330

On sale: April

Contact: Panasonic