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Fully Charged: the throwable 360-degree camera, Google Glass’ half-price alternative and Diagon Alley on Street View

A smorgasbord of gadget news to compliment your Cornflakes

Things any self-respecting gadgeteer needs to know include the new BMW i3 price, details of the Squito throwable camera, Apple Air Play in-car plans, the cheaper Google Glass alternative and Harry Potter’s location on Google Street View.

Recon Jet vies for your face space

recon jet

If the thought of shelling out a grand for Google Glass, when it finally goes on sale mid 2014, is too much – Recon Jet is for you. The Recon Instruments sunglasses pack a dual-core 1GHz A9 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and 720p camera. And, deep breath, an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, altimeter, barometer and ambient temperature sensor. Plus custom Android all for US$500 (£335) if you pre-order before July 21st, for a December release. Anyone else think these look cooler than Glass? [Source: BGR]

BMW i3 priced

bmw i3 charge

At last the fully electric BMW i3 has been given a price at €35,000 (£30,000) and a November European release date. That version delivers a 100 mile range, but for €2000 (£1700) more a hybrid model with 600cc motor, that’s used purely as a generator, doubles that range. If you offset fuel costs that makes this one of the most affordable BMW models ever. [Source: Autoblog]

Squito the all seeing

At first glance I thought a throwable camera might be cool. After watching this video it’s clear Squito could be an invaluable search and rescue tool. But 360 panoramas, smart tracking and image stabilisation make it look pretty fun too. Here’s hoping it’s cheap enough to buy as a toy. [Source: Engadget]

Potter Street View

street view diagon alley

If you thought Google’s Street View didn’t cover everywhere perhaps the appearance of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley will change your mind. Effectively it’s a trip to Warner Bros studio where the Harry Potter series was filmed, but I prefer to think of it as Google blending the real and virtual worlds in a whole new way. [Source: CNET]

AirPlay in-car

ios car

A keen eyed developer has spotted, in iOS 7 beta, options for iOS over Wi-Fi and USB in-car. That’ll mean using Siri, music, Maps, communications and other info on the car’s entertainment system. Get iOS on screen in these supported makes: Honda, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Infiniti, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, Opel and Jaguar. [Source: AppleInsider]

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