Fully Charged: Oculus Rift puts you on the England rugby pitch, Fujifilm X camera go customisable and new Lego Hobbit trailer

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Oculus Rift puts you on the England rugby pitch

Oculus Rift to put you in the jockstrap of an England rugby player

O2 and England Rugby has come up with an innovative new use for the Oculus Rift VR headset: to give you a 3D perspective of a training session with the England rugby team.

“Wear the Rose” is a 360-degree experience where the wearer gets to hear a team talk, receive a pass, be tackled and lots more. It’s getting its debut at the O2 blueroom at Twickenham for the England vs Wales match this Sunday, but will be rolled out to O2 stores in the summer.

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Fujifilm launches X Signature camera customisation service

Fujifilm launches X Signature camera customisation service

Own a camera in Fujifilm’s superb X series? Well, you can now have it decorated in the manner of your choosing thanks to the company’s newly-launched X Signature customisation service. The service allows you to have your camera clad in a textured, coloured “skin”: think a pair of 1970s pimps’ boots, but wrapped around an X20. Now that’s retro. There’s a two-week turnaround and £130 price tag on the service, and you can either have it performed on a brand new model or send in your existing camera for the treatment.

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New trailer for Lego: The Hobbit highlights teamwork

Warner Bros Games has released a trailer for the upcoming Lego: The Hobbit game, and while it’s light on gameplay footage it suggests that the game will reward team play: playing as Bilbo, Gandalf and various dwarves, you’ll be able to “buddy up” with other players in order to perform new abilities and special attacks.

The game will be out this spring for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and PC.