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Fully Charged: HoloLens is being used in space, and Disney wants Star Wars fan films

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HoloLens being used in space

Microsoft tried to send up a couple HoloLens headsets to the International Space Station in late June, but when SpaceX’s resupply rocket exploded, so too did astronauts’ chances of using the augmented reality device last summer. Luckily, another mission managed to deliver some headsets in December, and over the weekend, Microsoft and NASA shared some first images of their use.

Above is NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, and Microsoft’s post details how astronauts are using the early hardware. "Remote Expert Mode" lets ground control see exactly what the wearer sees and then draw atop the image to help with repairs and other tasks, while "Procedure Mode" similarly helps with tricky fixes, showing animated holograms on top of real objects in the station. Hit the source link below for more info on their space testing.

[Source: Microsoft]

Star Wars Fan Film Awards return

Did Star Wars: The Force Awakens not only entertain you, but also inspire you? Consider entering the official Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 – as director J.J. Abrams helpfully introduces above, the latest competition has started, and is welcoming short film submissions through 24 April.

Categories include Best Animation, Best Comedy, Best Visual Effects, and more, and can riff on Star Wars however you please – just don’t mention Star Trek. Seriously. It’s in the official rules. Besides that, go wild (but not too wild), and good luck: winners will receive a US$250 (about £175) prize package, and the chosen films will likely also air at Star Wars Celebration later this year.

[Source: Star Wars via The Verge]

Halo fighter in Killer Instinct

Microsoft’s free-to-play Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct is launching a third season of new fighters and other content next month, and one of the fresh combatants will be a familiar face: the Arbiter from the Halo series. He’ll join Rash from Battletoads, along with older series characters Kim Wu, Tusk, and Gargos.

Catch a first glimpse at the Arbiter in action above, and check him out next month. Killer Instinct is also coming to PC in March as the fighting game expands in both size and platforms alike.

[Source: YouTube via Polygon]

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Dazzling new Adr1ft trailer

Adr1ft is one of the most exciting launch titles for the Oculus Rift – and will be hitting other platforms, too – and this latest trailer has us even more eager to pop on a headset and free float in space. Granted, it takes place amidst a horrific disaster, but there’s obviously still incredible beauty amidst the chaos here. It releases on PC with the headset on 28 March, and will come to other platforms later this year.

[Source: YouTube]

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