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Fully Charged: Destiny expansion dated, Music overhauled in iOS 8.4, and the Ant-Man trailer

Load up on the lest in tech news tidbits this fine morning

New Destiny expansion next month

House of Wolves, the previously-announced second expansion pack (first pack, The Dark Below, shown up top) for online first-person shooter favorite Destiny, will be released on all platforms on 19 May. It’s priced at £20, and promises a significant new chunk of content for Bungie and Activision’s sci-fi shooter.

Unfortunately, House of Wolves won’t have a new Raid event included, but Activision aims to make up for that with the inclusion of the new Prison of Elders battle arena, along with new end-game activities to explore and more. Hopefully it’ll keep Destiny‘s momentum alive as the game barrels towards the expected late-year release of another game or a much larger expansion.

[Source: Bungie]

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Music app overhauled in iOS 8.4

Music app overhauled in iOS 8.4

With Apple’s reported streaming music service on the horizon, the company was widely expected to ship an updated Music app in iOS 8.4. Now, a beta version of that OS version has surfaced, and Music has indeed changed – although the expected appearance of a rebranded Beats Music is still MIA.

From what we’re seeing from beta screens, the Music app has a nice visual overhaul with a cleaner, more open look in portrait view. More importantly, it’s more functional now, letting you rearrange a queue of tracks and take advantage of the more refined storefront UI. No word yet on when the full version of the software will be available for all, but speculators expect it to release at WWDC this summer – with the redesigned Beats Music added.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

The latest Ant-Man trailer

Last time we caught a glimpse at Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man movie, it just didn’t seem to have the humour and offbeat tone that we expected. Luckily, the latest, longer trailer makes a better case for the film, which stars Paul Rudd as a criminal-turned-unlikely-hero who can shrink himself and communicate with insects. It still comes off a bit hokey, and the CG looks unfinished, but we’re a lot more hopeful than we were in January, at least. It’s out on 17 July.

[Source: YouTube]

X-Ray hits Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

X-Ray hits Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

Maybe you’ve used Amazon’s X-Ray feature on a Kindle Fire tablet or the Fire Phone, allowing you to quickly discover information on actors, characters, and more while watching a movie or TV episode. Well, luckily, now you don’t need a touch device to access the feature.

Thanks to a new update, it’s now available directly on both the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, although the functionality only works with Amazon’s own video apps: Instant Video and Prime Instant Video. Still, if you’re in the Amazon ecosystem and you just need a quick look at what’s behind the current scene you’re watching, it’s sure to be a handy perk.

[Source: BusinessWire]

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