Fujifilm outs 2012 compact range ahead of CES

Fuji pushes retro thoughts to one side and focuses on superzoom, rugged and DSLR-styled cams

We've been paddling to stay afloat in a sea of pre-CES Fujifilm cameras today but managed to come out smiling. And by smiling, we mean clutching the highlights of Fujifilm's 2012 compact line-up, which come labelled with a March 2012 release date.

Fujifilm 2012 S-Series – S4200, S4500 and SL300

First up, there are some new additions to Fujifilm's S-Series in the shape of the 24x zoom lensed FinePix S4200 (above), plus the FinePix S4500 and SL300 (below) cams – both of which both rock massive 30x zoom lenses.

The 14MP snappers all have 3" LCD screens bringing up the rear, alongside electronic viewfinders, none-too-shabby 0.35s AF times, ISO up to 6400 and 720p shooting at 30fps.

Fujifilm 2012 high performance cameras – HS30EXR and HS25EXR

Fujifilm's FinePix HS30EXR (below) and HS25EXR round out the high performance segment of the compact line-up – expect to cough up for the 1/2" 16MP EXR-CMOS sensor, 30x zoom lens and 1080p at 30fps video capabilities on both of these cameras.

Both sport a 3in 460K resolution LCD screen and burst shooting mode of up to 11fps with a slightly larger electronic viewfinder on the HS30EXR.

Fujifilm 2012 XP-Series – XP150, XP100 and XP50

Another highlight for anyone who wants to roll around in the mud with their gadgets is the range of new rugged cams on offer – namely Fujifilm's FinePix XP150, XP100 and XP50.

Plunge the 14 MP CMOS-sensored XP150 and XP100 into up to 10m of water and use the 5x wide angle zoom lens when you're making your FinePix eat dirt with both these new models – they're shockproof up to 2m too. Both feature a 2.7in anti-reflective LCD screen for sunnier climes, 1080p video and are freezeproof down to minus ten degrees.

The XP150 will cost you more as it packs GPS on top of all that but there's a more budget offering in the form of the XP50 – with the same camera specs, it's not too wimpy either, as it's waterproof to 5m, shockproof to 1.5m and freezeproof to minus ten degrees.

Fujifilm 2012 line-up – release date and pricing

Fujifilm's keeping schtum on UK pricing for now but March 2012 is the date you can get your hands on the new line-up – so if any of these take your fancy, look out for our hands-on at CES next week for our first impressions.

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