Fret-King announces Super-Matic self-tuning guitar

The axe-making David takes on Gibson's Goliath

We've long admired the self-tuning Gibson Robot guitars, and now Fret-King has joined the automated axe jam. The Fret-King Super-Matic guitar, rather than using motorised tuners like the Gibson Robots, features all the clever tuning tech in the bridge.

The Wilkinson ATD HT440 self-tuning bridge was designed by guitar guru and Fret-King owner Trev Wilkinson, assembled in a NASA clean room, and includes parts similar to those used on the Mars Rover. It allows multiple tunings to be picked with the press of a button, and has a high-visibility display so you can see what it's doing in the darkest of pub gigs.

The rest of the guitar has also been built for versatility, with a tradition Strat shape and a pickup layout of twin humbuckers and a single coil.

For more info on the Super-Matic, check out the Fret-King website.